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Your message, your way. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t go back and increase the quality of a recording after it’s recorded.

If you are looking for the following benefits, it’s best to decide to record, before you go live.

Recording allows you to:

  • Provide a historical account of the event.
  • Increase your audience or reach.
  • Provide you with future dynamic content to share.
  • Ensure clarity of your message.
  • Be “green”


Looking to record your event? We can help.

Creating highlight videos, connecting with remote attendees or promo videos for future marketing promotions, viewers are looking for exciting content, and quality is key.

Recording not only extends the life of your event, it can increase the return on your investment.

Click here for more insight on how video recording can be an essential part of your virtual event.

If you have room in your budget, it’s never a bad idea to future proof by recording at the highest quality and with the most editing flexibility you can.

Before you start recording video, our audio visual team will help you decide how many cameras are necessary and where they should be placed.

Ensure you employ a dedicated technician to oversee the recording at all times. You don’t want everything to be lost because nobody was monitoring the recording.

Our technical team is available in the pre-production/rehearsal phase to help coach your presenters and make them feel at ease during the recording process.

Click here for more tips for your presenters: Virtual Events: Tips for Being Comfortable on Camera. 


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Content is Key

Vibrant images, moving messages, rich, dynamic content.

Technology is best when used to its fullest, giving you a better return on your investment. This includes creating content such as PowerPoint, Images, or Videos that enhance your messaging.

Content creation allows you to:

  • Enhance & reinforce your messaging
  • Provide clarity of the message, or presentation
  • Increase audience engagement, allowing them to become immersed in the overall event experience

Whether you need videos, PowerPoint, logo loops or anything in-between, we have the resources available to assist you in supporting your event content needs.


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Help when you need it most

Your event requires technical support to help ensure success. We offer permanent (our place) and remote (yours) control rooms to broadcast and manage your live, virtual and hybrid events.

Whether you need to webcast your live event or have a completely virtual event we have the resources and capabilities to ensure a high-quality remote meeting experience for all your attendees.

We also offer versatile studios to elevate any virtual presentation.

We have an ideal mix of experienced engineers, specialists, and technical directors that successfully execute projects from the simple and small to the large and complex with the same level of precision and attention to detail. 

Every member of our dedicated team bring a diverse background, skillset and knowledge base, to assist in each process of producing an event.

You can count on our team to be there when it matters most.

Streaming Room 


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Your Health & Safety Are Important To Us

Whether in our studio space or in a venue, we are committed to providing a safe workplace for all team members, customers, and business partners. 

In keeping with industry recommendations, our team members are required to follow the suggested guidelines with regard to general hygiene and the disinfecting of equipment between events. 

Our detailed measures include:

Prior to your event start and strike, our technical team will use approved cleaners /disinfectants to clean all high-touch areas of equipment. A technician will meet a member of the client team in room prior to doors, make introduction, test equipment and verify cleaning.

All team members will comply with local guidelines pertaining to PPE use and distancing. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Routine hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Encourage cleaning of personal cell phones and personal tools on a routine/daily basis.
  • Hand Sanitizer and approved chemicals will be available for team member use.
  • Daily High-touch items to be cleaned regularly using approved cleaners / disinfectants avoiding cross-use where possible.

When handling equipment and cases, contact points will be cleaned using appropriate cleaners / disinfectants to include pushing / lifting points and handles.

Our technician will leave a cleaning verification card with their name, signature, and date / time the cleaning was completed (~1 hour prior to event start).

Our event space(s) include a private entrance, separate washrooms, several green rooms if required, and an onsite PPE concierge should you so choose.

*Should your event require a more enhanced cleaning solution, simply let us know.




“Last night’s virtual Canadian Event Awards gala, powered by bb Blanc and produced in their spectacular studio was without a doubt one of the most powerful moments in the history of Canadian Special Events. The technical execution was flawless, and the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive."


Stacy Wyatt Canadian Special Events Magazine

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