So What is Corporate AV Anyway?

Make their eyes light up

Whether it's a conference, a meeting, a product launch, or a social gathering, you want your attendees to walk in saying "wow" and walk out with an overall great impression of you, your company and brand, and of your event.  You want them saying "cant wait until next year!"  Your Audiovisuals play a large role in having that goal become a reality.  From dynamic lighting, clean audio. seamless transitions to innovative event technologies and entertainment, Your AV can make it or break it.  Be former instead of the latter with this guide to understanding corporate AV.

Understanding AV Lingo

Ummm translation please...

"just gotta plug the whos-it into the whats-it and it's show time".  Pretty much what it sounds like when you hear your audio technician speak, no? We think it's time to break the language barrier.  When your AV it one of the largest components of your event (and your budget), we think it's pretty important to actually understand what your buying that's why we've created The Rosetta Stone of AV Starter Pack.


Incorporating Event Tech into your Event

Innovation with purpose

Event tech for the sake of event tech is never helpful.  Yeah it can be cool to be an "early-adopter", but does it make sense for you event and your event goals?  Let's be more selective and choose solutions with purpose.  Let's innovate and ideate with meaning. For this we need to think about how we incorporate event tech and why.  Maybe it's dynamic lighting that that not only accents but engages and entertains? Maybe your projection goes off screen and onto your venue?

Event Marketing your Brand


Launching a product, throwing a client appreciation, or even straight up  you need an event that is on brand and engaging? Event technology is one of the fastest moving elements of our industry and with new features and trends, it can be tricky to navigate the most innovative ways to use event technologies to market your brand.

Including ways to:

  • Create excitement and buzz around your brand or product
  • Keep your attendees connected
  • Transform your event space to the ultimate immersive brand experience

Mistakes to Avoid

Impress your boss (and yourself)

We all want to impress the powers that be, but more importantly we want to impress ourselves and be proud of our capabilities.  That said, in the ever-changing, forever-moving world of events we face challenges and sometimes inevitable mishaps that can feel like our world is turning up-side-down (just me? Cool).  What if we could anticipate those challenges? And prevent those "inevitable" mishaps? Let's start with the Common Event Blunders and How to Avoid Them.


Live Video Streaming

To stream or not to stream...

That really is the question.  There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to live stream or not.  There are also many streaming options for your consideration. It all depends on what's best for your event.


Choosing the Right Corporate Entertainment

Set the stage

Entertainment options are endless, like things you didn't even know were things or even possible.  From aerial acts that defy gravity, figure skating acts that defy weather, illusionist acts the defy your eyes, and of course musical acts that deserve a standing O (to name a few).  with so many options out there, it is important to choose the entertainment that's right for your event

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"It was a pleasure for us to work with you and your team: They are knowledgeable, friendly and right on the ball. Thank you for helping us make this a successful event!!
What BB Blanc did for Cisco was over and above what we ever had before and it was worth every dollar.
I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback with even a customer of Cisco wanting to talk to yourself about the great work you did. We have finally found a great AV partner.
Thanks again for all the hard work, creativity, quality and attention to detail."

Cisco Team

"The devil is in the details. No one knows this more than the event producer, the client and the team at bb Blanc, they get the details and bring events to new heights. Working with these guys makes my life easier, my clients happier and my team more effective. From the on-the-spot solutions to the bend-over-backwards approach, it’s refreshing to work with people that are committed to excellence and make us shine. I have no reservations in putting the BB Blanc team in front of any of our clients, from small to large - they are an extension of us and are experts in their field."

Louie Manzo Warrick Mazo & Dunn Inc.

Need some help?

Got an idea but still need a hand fleshing out your vision?  At bb Blanc we pride ourselves on Creating Event Magic. We bring the creativity, expertise, and equipment to do so.  We offer an amazing multitude of features that can be incorporated into any event so that guests will be engaged, amazed, and come away with lasting memories. If you’re not sure what you want, contact our team and our specialists will bring their expertise to devise and orchestrate an event that works with your budget and time frame. Plus, we can also provide you with advice on more event solutions you may not have thought of!