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"You may not realize it yet, but what you've done is create an experience that will serve as a model for planners to design, pitch & produce their own events & that opens up opportunity for us all"

Jason Koop Canadian Special Events Magazine


Creating Event Magic... Virtually.


With Virtual and Hybrid events in high demand we have responded to our clients’ needs with lively, engaging and highly dynamic event solutions. Ultimately, we are bringing the feel of a live event to your audience which will increase engagement.


We will work with you to select the right platform to support the elements of your virtual meeting, or if you already have a platform partner, we can integrate that platform into our solution.


Why bb Blanc?

  • We bring creative and fresh ideas so you feel like you're really there
  • We work collaboratively with you 
  • We deliver solutions that enhance business results right now

“You have something truly special with your studio and the seasoned crew behind it – they are truly the best of the best.  The level of production and the possibilities are endless with the bb Blanc studio and team. You are masters at bringing our event vision to life for both live and virtual events.”


Trish Knox Owner/President, TK Events Inc




Energize & Engage From One Place

Using clean aesthetics, fusing innovative AV technologies and never sacrificing functionality, we have embodied our company niche of creative design, with Studio A.

The Event Stage comprises a modern look featuring curved and angled features.

We know branding is important.studio A sponsorship

Along the top of the Stage, we have incorporated a curved ticker (banner) – Ideal for unique content, point emphasis, or presenter names and titles.

Our curved LED wall can be used for almost anything from custom backgrounds to presentation content, and videos.

There are lots of places for creative visuals. Our in-house multimedia department can completely customize the stage with your brand in mind.

The remainder of the set features clean hard walls that can be utilized to broadcast simple and professional pre-recorded or live me

The stage is large enough for two separate areas for distinct looks or one single large one. Either option has ample space to physically distance presenters and panelists.ssages.

Our goal was to create a space that has a lot of flexibly and solves our clients' challenges.

The set allows for a great mix of real stage elements and virtual content. 


Studio A Spec Sheet




Versatile & Accessible

A studio space that is both efficient and cost-effective, our newly renovated Studio B suits the needs of mid-range events requiring a smaller stage set-up combined with quality equipment & technical support.

High Speed internet and dedicated power are included.

Along with the room rental we include a studio lighting package, High definition studio camera and recording package along with a well versed camera operator.

This is an economical, efficient solution for customers looking for appropriate space to arrive, record, and leave, following all COVID protocols.

Studio B Spec Sheet


Studio C


Traditional Studio Space

This is a blank canvas. Also known as our Show Room,  Studio C is typically used to showcase, prep, and rehearse for upcoming events, this space is also available for your use.  This is an ideal space for event pre-records and entertainment. Easily accessible, and fully equipped.

Studio C Spec Sheet

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I had a blast working with your team--the professionalism and technical expertise was evident right from the get-go. It was a seamless event!

Mike Arsenault 2020 Canadian Special Event Awards EMCC & Global News Anchor


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Masters of Bringing Events to Life

Meetings come in many shapes and sizes, and some simply lend them themselves to an easier transition to virtual than others.  As a partner, we're here for you with the event knowledge and experience to help you successfully bring your event to the virtual world. 

Check out our top virtual event tips:


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Your Health & Safety Is Important To Us

Whether in our studio space or in a venue, we are committed to providing a safe workplace for all team members, customers, and business partners. 

In keeping with industry recommendations, our team members are required to follow the suggested guidelines with regard to general hygiene and the disinfecting of equipment between events. 

Our detailed measures include:

Prior to your event start and strike, our technical team will use approved cleaners /disinfectants to clean all high-touch areas of equipment. A technician will meet a member of the client team in room prior to doors, make introduction, test equipment and verify cleaning.

All team members will comply with local guidelines pertaining to PPE use and distancing. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Routine hand washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Encourage cleaning of personal cell phones and personal tools on a routine/daily basis.
  • Hand Sanitizer and approved chemicals will be available for team member use.
  • Daily High-touch items to be cleaned regularly using approved cleaners / disinfectants avoiding cross-use where possible.

When handling equipment and cases, contact points will be cleaned using appropriate cleaners / disinfectants to include pushing / lifting points and handles.

Our event space(s) include a private entrance, separate washrooms, several green rooms if required, and an onsite PPE concierge should you so choose.

*Should your event require a more enhanced cleaning solution, simply let us know.


From a simple live stream to a complex and secure webcast we can adapt based on the requirements.  We know organizations thrive when you can communicate professionally and effectively. Whether it’s a companywide Town hall, a product launch, education session or corporate event, we can provide a professional and seamless experience for you and your audience.

Studio A With Ryan Smids


Studio B & C With Cierra Colelli


“Last night’s virtual Canadian Event Awards gala, powered by bb Blanc and produced in their spectacular studio was without a doubt one of the most powerful moments in the history of Canadian Special Events. The technical execution was flawless, and the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive."


Stacy Wyatt Canadian Special Events Magazine

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Still have questions? No problem, we're here to help.  We want to take some of the stress out of planning your next or even your first, virtual event.

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