Bigger Efforts for a Better Future.

Like many industries, executing events can take its toll on the environment. At bb Blanc, we aim to be industry leaders by integrating sustainable environmental, social, and economic practices into our event operations and corporate decisions to help lessen our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Within the context of our areas of responsibility on events, we will work with our clients to offer innovative, sustainable solutions and to improve industry-standard practices. For example, we use Laser projectors and LED light fixtures that are more energy-efficient than industry standards.
  • We encourage our clients to use E-Posters and Digital Signage to reduce printing.
  • We offer a Holographic solution that will reduce traveling for presenters and as an extension reduce their carbon footprint.
  • We endeavour to use recyclable products for set designs so that they can be reused to reduce environmental impact.
  • In order to promote reducing and reusing, we donate older pieces of equipment to schools and theatre programs that would benefit.
  • We strive for paperless solutions in all of our business processes including expense forms, order forms, purchase orders, checklists.
  • We will take a leadership role in improving practices and guidelines as they relate to sustainability in the event industry and audiovisual community.
  • We commit to continuous process improvement to optimize the sustainability of our operations and procedures.